Summer season ending drama asymptotic

Summer coming to an end, fall stalls coming soon, summer season is also the time to the final battle. Last week, TNT two popular drama “The Closer” and “Rizzoli & Isles” have been completed, this week’s list also will be subject to change. Of course, no matter how changes, HBO’s “True Blood” have no suspense led the way, this week, last week rose 0.2 ratings, total viewership increased by 50 million or so close to 5 million. Next week is the season will be the final set, the main line and finally to a climax, the audience looking for Eric and Sookie finally able to converge, while the other male host Bill thoroughly blackened whether this is also the end of the season most people concerned about the issue.
USA’s “Suits” has been maintained at a relatively high level, this week, the ratings increased by 0.1, the total number of ratings increased by 40 million people, double the male drama “Suits” USA Today has become the first card.
ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars Season 3 DVD this week, progress is also very obvious, ratings increased by 0.2, the total number of ratings increased by 10 million. This season is still the best performing TV serials.


English version of Harry Potter and the peak drama

Most popular in over 100 countries, the British drama “Merlin” released networks. This film, the main thrust of the BBC costume drama fantasy big launch from 2008 until the 2012 Christmas broadcast to the fifth season was finally able to end, has been the world’s enthusiastic pursuit of magic fans, known as the idol version of “Harry Potter. Merlin Season 5 DVD is a network video exclusive in April 17 launched its first English drama “Happy Lovers” After that, a whole network of exclusive broadcasting British drama.
“Merlin” by the famous actor Colin Morgan and Bradley James starring Merlin and Arthur about the early years of life. To a new interpretation of the ancient and modern perspectives classic Arthurian legend, to show the audience had never seen a novelty areas – Grand Master Merlin’s young age. Yes, this is no longer the drama Merlin haired old man, but a fledgling teenager, the story focuses on a young Merlin how to understand their mission to save your enemy with Prince Arthur the magical world. Stories from the Old Merlin first stepped into Camelot Castle began, as the story unfolds, knights, wizards and so legendary lake’s role will also be 11 debut.
Since the broadcast year, the media and friends affectionately to “Merlin” likened young adolescents version of “Harry Potter,” the netizen said frankly: “Even if I’m not Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings fans, let alone magic fan, but “Merlin” set costume, magical, legendary combination of all my senses are mobilized, at least I fell in love with this style. “in addition to the magical world of magic, as in recent years, the most popular type of British fantasy drama, “Merlin” gorgeous backgrounds British drama fans and the media become a hot topic, the media review

Damian Lewis talks “Homeland” Season 3 male and female will break up

As a British-born actor, Damian Lewis was made in Hollywood was a huge success, especially he starred in “Homeland”, the last two years has become the Emmy, Golden Globe and many other awards ceremony of the blow, and recently in this suspense drama comes to counter-terrorism in the third quarter when Lewis also said, Brody and Carrie large ambiguous relationship will lead to an end.
In Homeland Season 3 DVD in, Damian Lewis, played by actor Brody, played by actress Claire Danes with Kerry hares, but also between the two men maintained a very ambiguous relationship. However, in the third quarter broadcast this fall, the two will stop after this relationship: “They ambiguous story will not continue.” Lewis said: “They will soon break up!”
Despite the Showtime television network “Homeland” aired only two seasons, but with this warm response TV series, Damian Lewis has received numerous honors and awards, these include Emmy and Golden Globe as the Emperor, in the U.S. local time on March 19, he was awarded the Freedom of the City of London in the title, for which the 42-year-old actor said: “Being able to get ‘honorary citizen’ in the title makes me very proud, I am for London is also very admired, which is a lovely award, which indicates that your efforts have been recognized, but it also just shows that your own work has a duty wider impact, you can not therefore produce the idea of pride . “

2012 doomsday five omen

Movies and film have gone gaga for the end-of-the-world trope. If this thing doesn’t happen in 2012 as the Mayans predicted, the entertainment industry is going to be practically disappointed. The hottest movie and TV franchises — think Twilight (oh, Edward!) — feed our obsessions with death. 2011, with releases like Melancholia, Super 8, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, was yet another big year for the apocalypse and alien invasion movie trend that has been building for five years. This includes I Am Legend, 28 Days Later, Cloverfield, War of the Worlds, Children of Men, The Book of Eli, The Road, and of course, 2012. On television, we’re watching shows like Falling Skies Season 3 DVD (alien attack), The Walking Dead (zombies), True Blood (vampires), and The Vampire Diaries (self-explanatory). All we want to see is the end of the world. Even business flicks know it: this year’s two biggest, Too Big to Fail and Margin Call, were also, in a sense, movies about the end of the (financial) world.

“Damages” Adds resident actor killer 47 into the second quarter

FX television drama Damages Seasons 1-5 DVD the second quarter will be added to a new permanent member, he is starred in “Deadwood” actor Timothy Olyphant, but also because of the big screen recently starred in “Hitman” and as Chinese audiences are familiar with.
Oliphant plays an intrusion Ellen life of man, he will be in both life and professional entanglement with Ellen. Before him, the Oscar-winner William Hurt has been announced to join the drama, plays Patty – Hewei Si (Patty Hewes, Glenn Close), played by a new customer.
“Tim (Timothy’s nickname) has always been our idol,” creative Todd, Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman said in unison. “Humor, charming and dangerous, which are embodied in him perfect for his scriptwriting we all fear and trepidation.”

USA Classic agent drama “Burn Notice” Season 7 renewal obtained

USA television network in the renewal and cut a series of episodes, finally offering on killing device, agents renewed classic drama Burn Notice’s Season 7. It is reported that Season 7 will have 13 episodes, compared to the first six season 18 episodes have shrunk, but the drama still exceeded 100 sets mark, memorable.
Burn Notice “like a bottle of wine, the better it tastes.” USA television network co-president Chris McCumber and Jeff Wachtel said, “It served a sensational action scenes and exciting story, nearly 700 million people watched the first six quarter, half season finale. “according to USA statistics,” Burn Notice “and the” gold Bar “is a television network this summer, the two most successful series in 25-54,18-49,18-34 Age paragraph ratings outnumber all other networks over the same period has screenplay episodes. “Burn Notice” will and “Royal Pains”, “wonderful thief detective”, “girl next door agents” and “Gold Bar” get together to renew, plus the USA this year to build the drama “Graceland”, will form the 2013 broadcast lineup. The “political animal”, “beauty sea law” and “law enforcement Hutch” is regrettable cut.
Burn Notice Seasons 1-6 DVD by the Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell starring began airing since the summer of 2007, this year also landed CCTV, this former small minority drama gradually by Chinese drama fans are familiar with. Its latter half of Season 6 will be November 8 return.

007 James Bond car Aston Martin Virage

Aston Martin by the Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford in 1913 co-founded the company called Bamford & Martin. The brand has been a unique style, Seiko secret agents, high performance sports car synonymous with it in the automotive market and the owner has always occupied a special place in the hearts. 007 James Bond Collection DVD from 1964 “Goldfinger” in DB5 starting a variety of Aston Martin cars were all 007 series car Bond movie, Bond’s surprise move to set a hehe exploits. Seems a mention Aston Martin will make people think 007 James Bond saga, perhaps Aston Martin’s success was also due to him. In the 2011 Geneva Motor Show Aston Martin Virage introduced COUPE version and VOLANTE hardtop convertible version, while 4.3 million and 4.56 million after the price is also the highest price DBS, and become market segments of a 2 +2 GT models. I will not speak this year is One-77 snatched the limelight, by virtue of One-77 the world’s limited 77 units, China is only 5 and 47 million price, enough to attract people attention. One-77 is to not think, in this life unbearable able to buy one, even if the purchase is a used car. However, perhaps this life Zaguomaitie Virage Knut force also has a.
Virage has a hardtop and convertible version of the two versions to choose from, with the option of seating layout of the form. Among them, its hardtop models, perhaps with a family related reasons, is more like the Aston Martin Rapide brothers.

“Spartacus” announced in the final season premiere

To cope with Sparta, Starz Taiwan has announced Spartacus Season 3 DVD that Final Season “Spartacus: War of the Damned” premiere time – 25 January Friday 9pm.
Liam McIntyre will continue to play Spartacus. There are also three new actors to join: Todd Lasanec play Roman Gaius Julias Caesar, Simon Merrells plays Marcus Crassus, Anna Hutchison plays Laeta.

BBC announced that no renewal remake of the British drama “Upstairs Downstairs” third quarter

The BBC recently announced that they will not renew “Upstairs Downstairs” The third quarter, which means this with “Downtown Abbey” has been “rivalry” the remake of the British drama declaration cut.
News first by one of the play starring Neil Jackson) Twitter said: “Well sorry, just heard BBC will not continue,” Upstairs Downstairs “, and I love this show, I will always miss it.” Upstairs Downstairs Seasons 1-5 DVD with 7 million viewers to join in the second quarter of this year, in February regression has 6,530,000 viewers watched the premiere