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Damian Lewis talks “Homeland” Season 3 male and female will break up

As a British-born actor, Damian Lewis was made in Hollywood was a huge success, especially he starred in “Homeland”, the last two years has become the Emmy, Golden Globe and many other awards ceremony of the blow, and recently in this suspense drama comes to counter-terrorism in the third quarter when Lewis also said, Brody and Carrie large ambiguous relationship will lead to an end.
In Homeland Season 3 DVD in, Damian Lewis, played by actor Brody, played by actress Claire Danes with Kerry hares, but also between the two men maintained a very ambiguous relationship. However, in the third quarter broadcast this fall, the two will stop after this relationship: “They ambiguous story will not continue.” Lewis said: “They will soon break up!”
Despite the Showtime television network “Homeland” aired only two seasons, but with this warm response TV series, Damian Lewis has received numerous honors and awards, these include Emmy and Golden Globe as the Emperor, in the U.S. local time on March 19, he was awarded the Freedom of the City of London in the title, for which the 42-year-old actor said: “Being able to get ‘honorary citizen’ in the title makes me very proud, I am for London is also very admired, which is a lovely award, which indicates that your efforts have been recognized, but it also just shows that your own work has a duty wider impact, you can not therefore produce the idea of pride . “


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