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English version of Harry Potter and the peak drama

Most popular in over 100 countries, the British drama “Merlin” released networks. This film, the main thrust of the BBC costume drama fantasy big launch from 2008 until the 2012 Christmas broadcast to the fifth season was finally able to end, has been the world’s enthusiastic pursuit of magic fans, known as the idol version of “Harry Potter. Merlin Season 5 DVD is a network video exclusive in April 17 launched its first English drama “Happy Lovers” After that, a whole network of exclusive broadcasting British drama.
“Merlin” by the famous actor Colin Morgan and Bradley James starring Merlin and Arthur about the early years of life. To a new interpretation of the ancient and modern perspectives classic Arthurian legend, to show the audience had never seen a novelty areas – Grand Master Merlin’s young age. Yes, this is no longer the drama Merlin haired old man, but a fledgling teenager, the story focuses on a young Merlin how to understand their mission to save your enemy with Prince Arthur the magical world. Stories from the Old Merlin first stepped into Camelot Castle began, as the story unfolds, knights, wizards and so legendary lake’s role will also be 11 debut.
Since the broadcast year, the media and friends affectionately to “Merlin” likened young adolescents version of “Harry Potter,” the netizen said frankly: “Even if I’m not Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings fans, let alone magic fan, but “Merlin” set costume, magical, legendary combination of all my senses are mobilized, at least I fell in love with this style. “in addition to the magical world of magic, as in recent years, the most popular type of British fantasy drama, “Merlin” gorgeous backgrounds British drama fans and the media become a hot topic, the media review


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