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Summer season ending drama asymptotic

Summer coming to an end, fall stalls coming soon, summer season is also the time to the final battle. Last week, TNT two popular drama “The Closer” and “Rizzoli & Isles” have been completed, this week’s list also will be subject to change. Of course, no matter how changes, HBO’s “True Blood” have no suspense led the way, this week, last week rose 0.2 ratings, total viewership increased by 50 million or so close to 5 million. Next week is the season will be the final set, the main line and finally to a climax, the audience looking for Eric and Sookie finally able to converge, while the other male host Bill thoroughly blackened whether this is also the end of the season most people concerned about the issue.
USA’s “Suits” has been maintained at a relatively high level, this week, the ratings increased by 0.1, the total number of ratings increased by 40 million people, double the male drama “Suits” USA Today has become the first card.
ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars Season 3 DVD this week, progress is also very obvious, ratings increased by 0.2, the total number of ratings increased by 10 million. This season is still the best performing TV serials.


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