“Burn Notice” creative spoilers: season finale explosion point constantly

USA TV action drama Burn Notice Season 6 DVD coming in the U.S. local broadcast on the evening of December 16 season finale, a two-hour special chapter will bring fans more exciting and explosion point. Drama executive producer Matt – Knicks will both set described as his personal favorite, and ensure both thrilling action scenes, but also no shortage of romantic elements.
Matt in an interview revealed that the two sets is definitely fans awaited, “the season finale total is divided into two parts, the first episode is Michael really death-defying, while the second episode is our since the maximum shooting action scenes, but also the most romantic episode of this season finale will this season’s main conflict climax with a very very big way to solve, but it also makes the relationship between Michael and Fiona became serious about. I hope the audience to like me and like the story, I feel that every one will feel frightened look.


007 James Bond series of films ever tasted “spy” drink

Countdown with the latest in the world 007 James Bond Collection DVD movie “sky fall” released at the same time, the film appeared in the list of beverages is also rolling.
Bond is a shaking martinis, expensive champagne tasting, and has a refined taste in beverages role, so in the latest James Bond movie sipping Heineken’s creative make Bond fans are very loyal angry. Even before the actorBond also condemned the idea of drinking beer. But there are rumors that Heineken beer company has made this movie franchise.
Daniel Craig in “Vanity Fair” magazine interview, said: Bond like many drinks Heineken beer, champagne, the movie has. Precisely because the choice of hard liquor, only to become an elegant Bond tasters. In addition to outside Bond, no one else can point Mojito wine, is Mojito wine and make it look good.

Golden Globe winner foreign media predicted

The award winner last year, Claire Danes still ranks in the nomination, she is also the winner of the award for three consecutive years. Glenn Close in the previous ten times twice to win the Golden Globe nominations, one of which is the award. “Good Wife” Juliana Z. Margulies was five Golden Globe nominations, with regard to the award, but also had a winning experience. “Downton Manor” Michelle Grey Road and Nashville Season 1 DVD Connie Britton duo is the first time the award was nominated. Or just predict that part of the actor goes, this year should be “homeland security” in good time. Former ingenue Claire Danes to play the audience is now positioned as a “hysterical woman madman” image, do not give the best care of the household can not be justified ah.

FOX animated “The Simpsons” Introduction

The Simpsons Seasons 1-24 DVD is by far the most successful Fox TV cartoons. “The Simpsons” was first FOX sketch comedy The Tracey Ullman Show in a series of animated comedy. This cartoon The Simpsons mainly described life in Springfield.
Homer Simpson’s parents’ home is not in the traditional sense of the “family man.” He, as head of the family, trying to lead no big or little family members can often happens is that he was the one who was leading. This family, there is love, blue-haired matriarch Maggie, troublesome son Bart King, surprisingly good daughter, Lisa, and baby Maggie. The family never grow old, but the town’s background was in Springfield with s changed. Whatever the case much embarrassment, Simpsons happy to live together. This enduring cartoon attracted worldwide superstar came to the top of the guest dubbing, including Michael – Jackson, Dustin – Hoffman, Paul – McCartney, Catherine – Turner, Rolling Stones, etc. .