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FOX animated “The Simpsons” Introduction

The Simpsons Seasons 1-24 DVD is by far the most successful Fox TV cartoons. “The Simpsons” was first FOX sketch comedy The Tracey Ullman Show in a series of animated comedy. This cartoon The Simpsons mainly described life in Springfield.
Homer Simpson’s parents’ home is not in the traditional sense of the “family man.” He, as head of the family, trying to lead no big or little family members can often happens is that he was the one who was leading. This family, there is love, blue-haired matriarch Maggie, troublesome son Bart King, surprisingly good daughter, Lisa, and baby Maggie. The family never grow old, but the town’s background was in Springfield with s changed. Whatever the case much embarrassment, Simpsons happy to live together. This enduring cartoon attracted worldwide superstar came to the top of the guest dubbing, including Michael – Jackson, Dustin – Hoffman, Paul – McCartney, Catherine – Turner, Rolling Stones, etc. .



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