USA Classic agent drama “Burn Notice” Season 7 renewal obtained

USA television network in the renewal and cut a series of episodes, finally offering on killing device, agents renewed classic drama Burn Notice’s Season 7. It is reported that Season 7 will have 13 episodes, compared to the first six season 18 episodes have shrunk, but the drama still exceeded 100 sets mark, memorable.
Burn Notice “like a bottle of wine, the better it tastes.” USA television network co-president Chris McCumber and Jeff Wachtel said, “It served a sensational action scenes and exciting story, nearly 700 million people watched the first six quarter, half season finale. “according to USA statistics,” Burn Notice “and the” gold Bar “is a television network this summer, the two most successful series in 25-54,18-49,18-34 Age paragraph ratings outnumber all other networks over the same period has screenplay episodes. “Burn Notice” will and “Royal Pains”, “wonderful thief detective”, “girl next door agents” and “Gold Bar” get together to renew, plus the USA this year to build the drama “Graceland”, will form the 2013 broadcast lineup. The “political animal”, “beauty sea law” and “law enforcement Hutch” is regrettable cut.
Burn Notice Seasons 1-6 DVD by the Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell starring began airing since the summer of 2007, this year also landed CCTV, this former small minority drama gradually by Chinese drama fans are familiar with. Its latter half of Season 6 will be November 8 return.


007 James Bond car Aston Martin Virage

Aston Martin by the Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford in 1913 co-founded the company called Bamford & Martin. The brand has been a unique style, Seiko secret agents, high performance sports car synonymous with it in the automotive market and the owner has always occupied a special place in the hearts. 007 James Bond Collection DVD from 1964 “Goldfinger” in DB5 starting a variety of Aston Martin cars were all 007 series car Bond movie, Bond’s surprise move to set a hehe exploits. Seems a mention Aston Martin will make people think 007 James Bond saga, perhaps Aston Martin’s success was also due to him. In the 2011 Geneva Motor Show Aston Martin Virage introduced COUPE version and VOLANTE hardtop convertible version, while 4.3 million and 4.56 million after the price is also the highest price DBS, and become market segments of a 2 +2 GT models. I will not speak this year is One-77 snatched the limelight, by virtue of One-77 the world’s limited 77 units, China is only 5 and 47 million price, enough to attract people attention. One-77 is to not think, in this life unbearable able to buy one, even if the purchase is a used car. However, perhaps this life Zaguomaitie Virage Knut force also has a.
Virage has a hardtop and convertible version of the two versions to choose from, with the option of seating layout of the form. Among them, its hardtop models, perhaps with a family related reasons, is more like the Aston Martin Rapide brothers.

“Spartacus” announced in the final season premiere

To cope with Sparta, Starz Taiwan has announced Spartacus Season 3 DVD that Final Season “Spartacus: War of the Damned” premiere time – 25 January Friday 9pm.
Liam McIntyre will continue to play Spartacus. There are also three new actors to join: Todd Lasanec play Roman Gaius Julias Caesar, Simon Merrells plays Marcus Crassus, Anna Hutchison plays Laeta.

BBC announced that no renewal remake of the British drama “Upstairs Downstairs” third quarter

The BBC recently announced that they will not renew “Upstairs Downstairs” The third quarter, which means this with “Downtown Abbey” has been “rivalry” the remake of the British drama declaration cut.
News first by one of the play starring Neil Jackson) Twitter said: “Well sorry, just heard BBC will not continue,” Upstairs Downstairs “, and I love this show, I will always miss it.” Upstairs Downstairs Seasons 1-5 DVD with 7 million viewers to join in the second quarter of this year, in February regression has 6,530,000 viewers watched the premiere

“Smallville” finale next year is expected to postpone filming Season 11

“Smallville” since its launch in 2001, to a super handsome boys & girls team, conquered the nation’s viewers, aired on September 24 this year, the tenth season, becoming a well-deserved longevity CW Taiwan drama. However, all good things come to an end, as early as last year, CW station announced, “Smallville” tenth season ends, it will completely withdraw from the stage.
However, “Smallville” executive producer Brian Peterson, one revealed in an interview recently, with “Smallville” tenth season hit, the ratings soared, the play now exists the possibility of filming Season 11 .
Brian Peterson said, “This year is the” Smallville, “the last quarter, which is undeniable, but whether there will be changes in the future, we are not sure, will begin shooting Season 11? We have been promoting this program . ”
Smallville Seasons 1-10 DVD tells the story of Smallville, Kansas, USA is an ordinary town. October 1989 occurred in a meteor shower, completely changed the fate of the town: Kent Superman landed here by his wife. 10 years later, the young Superman Clark Kent, just like any high school, like a puppy love, eager to squeeze to get face acne, experiencing and Lana love marathon. The difference is that in the process of growing up, he gradually realized his fate.

“The Secret Circle” Jack joined the “American Horror Story” second quarter

Though “The Secret Circle” was, sadly, canceled by The CW, it’s safe to say that star Chris Zylka is still having a pretty fantastic summer. He and Pretty Little Liars Seasons 1-3 DVD girlfriend Lucy Hale are so adorable we could just die, and he’s got a prime role in this summer’s upcoming blockbuster “The Amazing Spider-Man.”
  Now, Zylka has announced that he’s joining Ryan Murphy’s scare fare anthology “American Horror Story” in its second season. On Thursday night after attending the spectacular “Amazing Spider-Man” premiere in Los Angeles, Zylka tweeted that he’s “pleased, honored, humbled, and thrilled” to join the show.
  No confirmation yet on his role, but we do know that producers have been looking for an “brilliant, inventive” actor to play an 18-year-old who has an “offbeat, could-be scary” side to him. After seeing his work on “The Secret Circle,” Zylka seems to be a natural fit.
  This season, “American Horror Story” will be set in the 1960s, in a New England asylum for the criminally insane. Jessica Lange returns, this time leaving Constance behind to play a devout “Bride of Christ” nun who is the administrator of the institution. For more details on “American Horror Story’s” return to FX, check out Zap2it’s coverage.

CBS drama will play a determining ex-husband actor Julie Holmes

TV drama is also popular in Europe and America to follow suit, Hollywood blockbuster “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” was officially released late last year, the BBC produced “SHERLOCK” had just finished playing the second quarter, while the U.S. CBS (CBS) Choupai “Sherlock Holmes theme” drama “Elementary” has also been identified actor candidate, 39-year-old British actor Jonny Lee Miller will play Sherlock Holmes.
In Choupai “Elementary” when the drama, CBS early on is determined by the Medium Seasons 1-7 DVD screenwriter Robert Doherty wrote the screenplay, and he will also work with Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly served as producer, Michael Cuesta will act as the film’s director.
As the play’s cast, CBS is until today before deciding actor candidates, this person is 39-year-old British actor Johnny Lee Miller, in 1995 he had co-starred with Angelina Jolie movie “Hackers”, his excellent acting not only conquered the audience, but also with Julie affinity Outrageous due to play, they also register a marriage in March 1996, but unfortunately announced their separation after just a year and a half.
In addition to “Hackers” outside, Johnny Lee Miller has also starred in many movies and television, including the movie “Trainspotting”, “The Escapist”, “Mindhunters” and expects broadcast “Dark Shadows”, television drama series includes “Eli Stone Season”, “Emma” and “Dexter”.

2013 Emmy nominations predicted five “Modern Family” difficult to continue strong

Middle of this month, the 65th session of the “Primetime Emmy Awards” will be officially announced the nominations, to make the audience understand the situation in advance of the nomination, the famous American TV website Deadline also Emmy’s five largest nominations were predicted and analyzed. At first glance, this year’s Emmy-nominated drama may be almost the same as last year, AMC television “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad”, PBS Television’s “Downton Abbey”, HBO television “Game Of Thrones”, of course, most can not miss is won 2012 Emmy Homeland Season 2 DVD. But apart from these old faces outside, definitely there will be some strong rising star popped the most promising nature is “House Of Cards”, which will also be the first time Emmy Netflix competition.

“TED” director: “Family Guy” will be the film version

This month will be screened in the U.S. R-rated comedy “TED” recently held a media event in Los Angeles. The film’s director Seth MacFarlane and starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis were accepted an exclusive interview with Sina Entertainment.
The film’s director and the voice of the protagonist is the famous teddy bear cartoon comedy Family Guy Season 11 DVD and “American Dad” the soul of two cartoons are adult-oriented audience, filled with a lot of political and social realities of ridicule nonsensical joke, but because, after all, is a public radio program, so the scale is limited, and “TED” as an R-rated movies are less subject to many restrictions, but also the film’s screenwriter McFarlane free hand in the film, adding a lot of foul language, marijuana, sexual elements, and best of all, almost all the elements are conveyed through the mouth of a cute teddy bear out.