Spielberg teamed Stephen King “under the sky” by the book

By the Steven Spielberg and Amblin Television production company development, according to the famous suspense, science fiction, horror novelist Stephen King’s novel “Under The Dome” adaptation of the sci-fi drama CBS has recently been in the bag. CBS confidence of the play is not small, skip the preview link direct scheduled 13 episodes, scheduled for the summer of 2013, the official broadcast.
“Under The Dome” in 2009 based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel by DreamWorks TV production companies filming, premiere set by the old version of “Dragon Tattoo Girl” director Nieer Si Arden · Op Lufkin directed. The play is positioned as a supernatural thriller, the story of a Maine resort surrounded force field suddenly fall from the sky, like the sky, like shrouded, began to lose all contact with the outside world, no one can not get out, who can not enter come. In such extreme cases, local residents erupt over resources infighting. At the same time, they must use all means to ascertain the truth: Field come from? It is what it is? It will not go away? When to disappear?
“Under the dome” novel by 336,114 words composed of up to 1000. Novel outcome is not satisfactory, has triggered a huge controversy readers, CBS officials said the drama version will not follow the novel ending. In addition, CBS said the drama will be the fundamental basis for the novel character set. If you play lukewarm response will be limited in the form of episodes aired, no longer have the second quarter (see “killer island”, “suspected trace” and so on).
??? From Falling Skies Season 2 DVD to “Terra Nova”, U.S. television networks are trying to develop a fantasy drama, perhaps this year, NBC launched “Revolution” performance ratings so jealous of other networks, and now also joined the ranks of CBS . “Under The Dome” early on by CBS’s Showtime cable television station acquisitions, but for various reasons did not ultimately develop into a formal series, and finally the powers transferred to the CBS.


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